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Welcome to the core of Love Braj- our social initiatives, serving the most underprivileged in our communities. We believe that the greatest necessity presents the greatest opportunity to serve, and our social initiatives provide health and dental services, food and education initiatives where required the most, along with protecting and nurturing nature in Braj.

Our charities include – Dental Care, ‘Vakch Kavach’- chest clinic, & Give a Future.  Moreover, we remain resolute to protect, nurture, and cherish all of God’s gifts, including Mother Cows, helpless street animals, and Mother Nature in form of trees and the land we reside in via our other initiatives, which include Krishna’s Cows, Animal Care, and Make Vrindavan Green Again along with Don’t Mess with Vrindavan.

At Love Braj, 100% of your generous donations are solely employed towards the cause only, rather than conventional use of donations for overhead costs of running charity elsewhere. Moreover, since our day-to-day operational and administrative costs are covered by services offered at Love Braj, we also use all profits for incremental charitable activities.

We extend a warm welcome to all who would like to join hands to serve.

Animal Care

We are thrilled to share first-ever comprehensive animal care project in Vrindavan, seeking to protect and honor lives of those who although do not speak the same language, yet remain as vulnerable to pain, fear, hunger, and above all seek to be loved, just as we humans do. We are honored to present first-of-kind, comprehensive animal care in Braj, offering holistic in-house medical treatment till complete recovery of animals like cows, monkeys, dogs, parrots, peacocks, and swans.

Make Vrindavan Green Again

This social initiative seeks to plant as many trees to maintain glory of the name of VrindaVAN (‘van’ in Hindi refers to forest) rather than VrindaCITY. Under this project, we seek to nurture and maintain greenery by planting as much trees and saplings in Braj Dham.

Don't Mess With Vrindavan

As a member of general community, we are cognizant of our responsibility and role in protecting and caring for our city. Vrindavan, is a magical land of beauty and charm, however, the inevitable tide of rapid pace of development has bought both good and bad along with it.

Chest Clinic- Vakch Kavach

The chest clinic initiative- ‘Vakch Kavach’, launched in 2009, provides pulmonary treatment, as a combination of weekly clinics cumulatively treating nearly 500 patients monthly, while our biannual medical camps (once in 6 months) serves high cluster requirement areas in Braj treating over .

Dental Care

Love Braj Dental Care has been providing quality dental care treatments and attention, free of charge to our community since 2014. Ever since our conception, we have served those most in need, including ailing widows, senior citizens, and the most underprivileged population, often as the last resort option.

Give A Future

At Give a Future, we are committed to uplifting unprivileged children by providing education to facilitate their intellectual growth over time. We serve some of the most underprivileged families in Vrindavan, providing a chance to progress in life, and from their current socioeconomic situation, via sound education.

Krishna's Cows

Presenting our initiative of providing devoted care and support to Gau Mata or Mother Cow, lovingly called Krishna’s Cows. It is said by the wise that humans have in fact 7 different mothers including, our birth mother, mid-wife, wife of King, wife of a priest, wife of teacher, Mother Earth, and Mother Cow.

Special Services

Help fight COVID-19 in Vrindavan

Join Love Braj to save lives in Vrindavan.

  • Urgent need of oxygen concentrators- to help us provide oxygen care at home to those unable to access inpatient hospital care.
  • Medical support for COVID patients- providing medical support for many patients unable to access hospital care due to lack of beds. Bridge this gap by helping us in providing door-to-door delivery of medications & vitamins, along with telephonic medical consultation & guidance by Love Braj chest clinic doctors to those in need.
  • Food & groceries-continuous supply of staple groceries along with premix vitamins for those recovering at home/ or those in most need on the streets.

Feeding Brajwasis campaign

We provide meals and groceries to those most in need, inviting you to help bring smiles on their faces.

  • Nearly 200,000 meals served so far.
  • Providing regular supplies of groceries and ration. Delivered 14,600 grocery bags so far containing mix of staples, spices, and personal hygiene products.
  • Help serve them in times of need by celebrating your birthday/anniversary/celebratory events by feeding Brajwasis.

Mother and Infant Initiative

  • We were also aware of special needs and dietary requirements of new born infants and their mothers, who were also impacted by restrictions during recent lockdown.
  • Love Braj provided basic grocery bags listed above along with special formulated packets promoting good health in newly nursing mothers. We offered mix of special ladoos (sweetmeat) containing combination of high energy nuts, ghee and special ayurvedic herbs and swapped rice for special oatmeal in grocery bags, to aid in well-being and promote milk production in newly nursing mothers. Provided milk packs and clothes for infants.

Sponsor-a-Wedding Campaign

Sponsor the best day of Brajwasi girl, by helping her dream day come alive.

  • Provide wedding day outfits
  • Food and wedding arrangements

Gifts for the happily married couple

Widow and Elderly Care Campaign

We seek to serve our elderly and widows in Braj.

  • Seek to provide shelter for widows by finding suitable loving families for them to be absorbed into the community.
  • Warm blankets distribution in extreme winter.

More Services

Please get in touch with us if you would like to donate or help for other any cause.

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