Dental Care

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Dental Care

Love Braj Dental Care has been providing quality dental care treatments and attention, free of charge to our community since 2014. Ever since our conception, we have served those most in need, including ailing widows, senior citizens, and the most underprivileged population, often as the last resort option for many.

Our highly skilled team (including visiting UK professionals) fondly attends and treats to restore beautiful smiles back on local Brajwasis, with gratitude in our hearts for giving us a chance to serve. We serve nearly 150 patients each month, and have nearly served 10,000 lives so far.

Our team of local volunteers, including highly skilled in-house dentist and technicians provide highest standards of care in both basic preventive and advanced dental services, and maintain service delivery targeted at United Kingdom Dentistry standards, in both sterilization procedures, equipment maintenance, and hygiene standards.

Our services include:-

  • Dental hygiene cleaning and polishing.
  • Cavity filling.
  • Dental implants and extractions
  • Capping and root canals.
  • On site X-ray machine

The Dental Care is open 7 days a week to the public, and is located in Parikrama Marg. We would love for you to visit us and volunteer as per your capacity.

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