• Braj Evening

Traditional Braj Raag & Prashad

Love Braj invites you to spend an evening enjoying traditional Braj raag and prashad, for your sensory and spiritual well being, an experience not found elsewhere.

Experience classical Braj raag glorifying The Lord, sung by traditional Braj gharanas, along with authentic Braj food, in form of prashad, cooked on wood fire (chulla) and served in rural setting. This initiative endeavors to preserve, revive, and showcase authentic Braj classical ragas and culture.

 You will be pleased to know funds (lakshmi) from this evening will be used at Animal Care Center, which is a first-ever in house animal treatment center, taking care of Braj animals struggling on the streets. 

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Book your memorable Braj evening for classical Braj ragas and prasad at Animal Care Center. Call us on +91 8077404741

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