Chest Clinic

  • Chest Clinic - Vakch Kavach

Chest Clinic – Vakch Kavach

The chest clinic initiative- ‘Vakch Kavach’, launched in 2009, provides pulmonary treatment, as a combination of weekly clinics cumulatively treating nearly 500 patients monthly, while our biannual medical camps (once in 6 months) serves high cluster requirement areas in Braj.

The chest clinic team is led by distinguished faculty from government hospital. We provide medical consultation and treatment, along with educating patients on pulmonary issues, along with our on-site pharmacy, providing cost price medications to all. Our social initiative model drew a leading pharmaceutical company CIPLA, to join our ranks to help us in treating our community.   

Our medical services include

  • Consultation with qualified pulmonology physician
  • On-site radiograph (X-ray) services
  • On site machinery to perform pulmonary function tests (PFTs)
  • Laboratory assistance
  • On-site pharmacy

We serve our community in the following area and more.

  • Asthma
  • Chest infectious disease
  • Allergy and various respiratory related conditions.
  • Bronchiectasis

We look forward to welcoming you in your next Love Braj trip! Until then, stay healthy.

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