Krishna’s Cows

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Krishna’s Cows

Presenting our initiative of providing devoted care and support to Gau Mata or Mother Cow, lovingly called Krishna’s Cows.

Why protect Mother Cow

It is said by the wise that humans have in fact 7 different mothers, including our birth mother, mid-wife, wife of King, wife of a priest, wife of teacher, Mother Earth, and Mother Cow. They all share a common trait of lovingly nurturing and feeding us (food and milk), while wishing the best for us. As their children we too can reciprocate, by caring towards Mother Cow.

Our efforts are aimed at providing care and support for cows in most despairing situation, including cows wandering on the streets without anyone to tend to them, or those abandoned, as they are no longer milk-producing cows, and of little use economically.

We regularly feed and take care of cows on the streets, providing wholesome nutritious cow fodder greens to them, who would otherwise be eating toxic plastic bags and other unimaginable garbage from the streets.

Our new animal care project, will incrementally support our efforts by providing a holistic approach for a better future of cows in Braj. We aim to provide immediate in-house medical care, along with appropriate follow-up care to recovery, and subsequently place them in most suitable habitat (like adopt a cow, please read more under Love Braj animal care) towards their complete holistic well-being.

We sincerely endeavor to provide the best for Krishna’s Cows. However, your help will take us further, seeking your loving support in taking care of cows.

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