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 Animal Care

We are thrilled to share first-ever comprehensive animal care project in Vrindavan, seeking to protect and honor lives of those who although do not speak the same language, yet remain as vulnerable to pain, fear, hunger, and above all seek to be loved, just as we humans do. We are honored to present first-of-kind, comprehensive animal care in Braj, offering holistic in-house medical treatment till complete recovery of animals like cows, monkeys, dogs, parrots, peacocks, and swans amongst others on streets of Braj.

Animal care will lovingly tend to all animals from an abandoned/ailing cow eating toxic plastic and garbage, injured/sick monkeys, dogs, cats and other friends in Braj. Our ambulance will carefully transport them to our medical care facility, where appropriate initial in-house medical care would be provided by qualified veterinary physician. Subsequently, our unique comprehensive approach, will offer the missing link of all important in- house follow-up care till recovery, not found elsewhere in Braj. 

Moreover after their complete recovery, we will try and find a suitable habitat for our friends for their holistic well-being, who otherwise would have been left back on the streets to fend for themselves, after any initial street side patch up medical care elsewhere. For instance, we will seek to match a family who can adopt an abandoned cow, or try and find them a relatively shady forest for them to freely graze and rest.

It is by Lord’s Grace and your support that we are nearing completing construction of first-ever comprehensive animal care unit in Braj, and eagerly look forward to your support and generous donations to help us reach fully functional status at the earliest.

Please do donate generously for our animal friends at Love Braj. 

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